We can arrange...

  • Air travel
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rail travel
  • Car hire
  • Conferences, meetings & events
  • Sea travel

'Big enough to deliver, small enough to care.'

About our company

Piper and Rose brings together the perfect combination of world business travel and effective business communication. No longer is it sufficient to offer a plain vanilla flight booking service.

Arranging flights across Europe and the rest of the world is a given. We will do this quickly, efficiently and at the most economic cost.

We know from our business travellers that email and video conferences are often not enough, hence they travel so much. That’s why we can extend our services to cover all aspects of communication for your business.

How we can help you

Scenario 1

Gunther Holzner VP, EMEA of an American software company lives in Munich. He needs to meet Pierre in Brussels on Monday morning for a joint presentation to a new client.

We’ll arrange Gunther and Pierre’s flights, book the hotel for the presentation, have the projector and screen installed and tested, coffees, lunches confirmed. Then, when they need to be in Venice for Tuesday we’ll do them the same service again.

Scenario 2

Michael’s European business is having a great year, now he needs to have all his people in one place for two days to establish the targets and strategy for the following year.

The conference is so significant that the Worldwide CEO will be presenting his vision for the next two years. Piper & Rose will:

  • manage the whole event from concept to implementation
  • agree with Michael on a city and venue for the 500 delegates
  • produce all facilities for the conference including staging, set, lighting, PA system, presentations and video
  • co-ordinate and arrange the air or rail travel for all delegates and speakers
  • book the hotel rooms for the appropriate level of seniority and check them in
  • arrange for off-site activities for delegates (and partners), where appropriate

Piper & Rose will get you there. We'll look after you on arrival, making sure you’ll be able to see and hear every word of the presentations.

And if you need a post conference survey, we’ll have that to you in next to no time.